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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Vitamins changing lives!

We are so thankful to the University of Nebraska's SIPA for collecting calcium and vitamin D supplements to share with the children of Cameroon. Cameroon, like many other developing countries, is plagued with Rickets, a softening or weakening of bones leading to severe skeletal deformities.  Children who do not get enough calcium and/or vitamin D develop bowing of the legs which can progress to such severe deformity that many lose the ability to walk. This happens all too frequently as children receive breast milk until 6-12 months of age and then no further calcium sources since milk, yogurt, and cheese are too expensive. Here are a couple of pictures of children who have come to our clinic in Mbingo, Cameroon.

If identified early enough, calcium and vitamin D supplementation can correct these devestating abnormalities and change the future for a child. Unfortunately, in Cameroon appropriate calcium and vitamin D supplements are almost impossible to find, and often cost prohibitive if found. Rory Ruma, a pharmacy student from UNMC, spread the word of our need and partnered with SIPA (Southwest Iowa Pharmacists Association) to donate these much needed vitamins. She was able to bring > 25 lbs of donated calcium and vitamin D. Greater than ten patients have already benefitted from this generous donation, and we look forward to treating many more. We will keep you updated on the improvements that are made with the appropriate treatment.

Thank you, SIPA, for giving these children a new future!

Lindsay and JR Young

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