Mbingo Baptist Hospital: view from Mbingo Hill

Monday, May 6, 2013

Catching up from the past few months...

Wow! Mbingo Baptist Hospital is a busy place and there has been a lot of new and exciting activity underway since last we posted on the blog. Highlights of the past couple months include the following:

Hospital and Training Related
  • The CIMS (Christian Internal Medicine Specialization) Clinic Building is expanding to a second floor and getting a new roof.
    • The Outpatient Chemotherapy room is open and functioning.
Construction on the CIMS building
  • We are unveiling a new teaching model for the residency program this week. We have been utilizing a standard Morning Report, case-based presentation system in addition to didactic lectures provided by the residents and the staff. We are rolling out new Problem-Based Learning cases to more effectively engage the trainees and to make the learning group-based. We are excited to see if it takes in our setting.
  •  After meeting in Bamenda with the CBC Health Board and discussing the progress of our own Maternity Ward and Nursery, we have started a 2-week trainer courses for advanced skills in neonatal nursing for practitioners that work at other CBC health centers and hospitals.
    • Infant mortality is still very high in Cameroon, and this program has grown from the desire and hope that with even basic level training, we can greatly improve neonatal outcomes.
    • We were blessed with having a friend and former colleague of Angela’s, Leigh Greer, who is a neonatal nurse at Vanderbilt, come and work with our staff and help design some basic nursing guidelines. Through that, some of our MBH staff have already informally undergone training; and we have now developed a curriculum and are implementing the course with our first participants from other healthcare facilities.
  • The rough drafts of our Pediatric Basics and Neonatal Basics (two evidence-based, protocol-driven manuals designed to standardize patient care within the CBC) booklets have been completed and are being reviewed for final edits and hopeful printing here in Cameroon. This has been a collaborative effort between us and friends and colleagues from home. Holly Frost, who trained with us in Denver, played an integral role in bringing the Neonatal Basics booklet to fruition. 
Part of this month's Peds Team
  • The hospital has a new website, and a new Facebook page. Dennis Palmer and Chuck Barrier have put a great deal of effort into revitalizing MBH’s presence on the web, and it is looking really nice. Take a look at it if you have a moment.
    • http://www.mbingo.org
    • search for "Mbingo Baptist Hospital" on Facebook
      • The Facebook page is linked to both the Barrier's blog and to our blog
      • If you use Facebook, please "Like" the MBH Facebook page

Personal Notes
  • We have had a number of pediatric residents rotating here at MBH over the past few months (Michaela, Courtney & Caitlin [med-peds], Holly, and Melinda & Katelyn). This has allowed us to finalize the rough drafts of the guidelines mentioned above, but more importantly, it was such and enriching and blessed time to have new friends here to share with and to pass along the vision of the hospital. Each one of them has been a tremendous help and brought new energy and ideas to the program. Thank you so very much for your time and dedication.
  • We made a quick getaway to the beach at Kribi with Chuck, Angela, Isaac, and Christy last month. It was a blast, and a much needed break from work. 
Isaac and Cathen enjoying the waves
  • Please continue to pray for safety, pray for wisdom and discernment in seeing God’s path for teaching and growth of the hospital, and for effective and cooperative work with our national colleagues.

We are so blessed by our family and friends back home. We miss all of you and wish we were together, and we thank you for your continued support and encouragement. God Bless!