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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Maybe we should have seen it coming. They really were two of a kind: rebellious but sweet, always demanding what they wanted, and succeeding in obtaining their demands. He had those rugged good looks with longish, scruffy hair that flowed in the wind, and a way with the ladies. She was somewhat of a tomboy, with short, scraggly hair and trousers as her favorite garb. And her smile – it could win your trust in a moment, and break your heart the next. He showed up one day on our side of the compound, engine blaring, with a huge smile on his face. He was courteous enough to ask, and with his charm, somehow convinced my wife that this was a good idea. Our daughter was enamored to say the least, and without a moment’s hesitation, she jumped on the back of his revved up mustang, and they drove off into the distance. They looked happy, and he was truly affectionate in his care of her… but we keep asking – “aren’t they too young to be riding off together like this? Should we have done something to prevent this? Or are they simply destined to be together… destined to ride?”

    Rugged good looks                                                        Tomboy

    The Asking                                                                     Jumping at the offer

    Enamored                                                                      Loving

    Destined to ride

Starring: Isaac Barrier and Cathen Young

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  1. That was hilarious! Can't wait for the second chapter!
    Love, Rory