Mbingo Baptist Hospital: view from Mbingo Hill

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week 2 Update

We are over two weeks in to real work on the pediatrics ward and the neonatal unit. It has been humbling to say the least. We often have a good idea as to what we would like to do, but sadly are unable to do it due to lack of resources. Other times, we are seeing diseases more common in developing countries and aren't as clear what to do. Thank you, for those of you who have fielded our internet consults! However, we are eager to learn and are excited about our time here at Mbingo.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Mbingo is that it is a true teaching hospital. Our role here is not only to serve as pediatricians, but more importantly, to train the Cameroonian residents and nurse practitioners. We are also blessed to be neighbors with many of the training staff, and have the opportunity to become friends and not just co-workers. There are a number of small children that live across the road, so Cathen will have plenty of friends to play with as she gets a little older.

In addition to working, we've been trying to get outdoors and enjoy the hiking.

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